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Our Staff

General Manager

The General Manager supervises employees including service support contracts.  The Manager reports to the Place One Board of Directors and works with Association Committees, Owners and Residents to ensure that Association plans and policies are followed and major issues are addressed.

Front Desk 

The Front Desk consist of five to seven individuals who provide 24/7 support. Team Members are the first point of contact for owner and resident issues.

Engineer and Maintenance

The Engineering and Maintenance Team is staffed by three individuals who form the core of Place One’s maintenance programs. Their efforts are supplemented by outside vendors as needed who provide specialized assistance for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical issues.

To support staff efforts, Place One maintains service support contracts in the following areas:

Financial Services

A community association management firm provides policy advice and financial systems to assist in managing individual owner accounts along with payroll and accounting services.

Cleaning and Appearance

A janitorial services company ensures facilities are attractive and clean. Consisting of one to three individuals, depending on the time, this service is provided on a daily basis.


A landscaping company works year round to maintain Place One grounds including snow removal. The company performs a variety of tasks designed to ensure a pleasing landscape environment.

Pool Management

A Pool Management firm is contracted annually to maintain the pool area. Services including pool opening, closing, maintenance and life guard services during the season.

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